Watches Theme

Parallax Banner

To add it, you just need to go to Admin panel -> Content Management -> Topics (Pages) and add new, paste it in the Source code view of the editor. Then set its system name as ParallaxBanner.

Content of the ParallaxBanner topic:

<div class="wrapper"><picture> <source srcset="*.webp" type="image/webp" /> <source srcset="*.png" type="image/png" /> <img class="rellax" src="*" alt="Parallax" /> </picture>
<div class="content">
<div class="gold-title">-30% for Watches</div>
<div class="top-title">Time with Perfection</div>
<div class="bottom-title">Because times are changing</div>
<div class="button"><a class="btn btn-secondary" href="#">SHOP NOW</a></div>

New products background

Add it in the same way as the previous one and set its content as:

<div class="slider-background" style="background-image: url('*.png');"> </div>

Use the following system name for it newproductsbackground.

Contact header banner

Third one is ContactHeader and it contains following code:

<div class="contact-header">
<div class="icon"> </div>
<div class="content">
<div class="title">Customer service</div>
<div class="number">+48-12-345-67-89</div>

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