A great way to promote own store, by your customers, but not only. There is no necessary to be customer to become an affiliate of your store. Below you will find brief description of this section with living example. 


At this section you may list all your affiliates and open each for edit. 

Create new

From list view at the top you may find add new button, fill up new form. 

What is important - active setting which will define if affiliate is available to reffer customers, if not active any new customers will not be added to that account. 
Also is worth to notice the very last setting - "Friendly URL name". This setting allow to change default URL to the more friendly. When save an affiliate will see the URL containing the name of the affiliate you have set, by default friendly URL contain this same value.

But if you will require to change the URL to another one, changing the name will fail with the result. Only the friendly URL will success. 

Living example

Will restore previous value of the affiliate URL, and will use this during a new registration in my store. 

As a sample affiliated user will order any item. When order completed will be able to see the result at affiliate details directly from the administrator dashboard. 

From the last tab at the affiliate details tab, you may see the list of the orders made by affiliate customers. For easy management there is a filter available above the order list. 

Also, if open order details, an information about affiiate is shown.