Discounts are a fantastic way to encourage your customers to make purchases in your store. GrandNode gives you a very flexible, and customizable discount system.

Discount types

GrandNode offer a different types of discounts. 

You may define if discount will be assign as a parcentage value or amount value. 

Create discount and example of working

It is very simple, from the list of discounts click Add new, than add the name, choose discount type, define if percentage should be calculated or rather an amount. At my example, a percentage option will be used and usage will be for USD currency. I wanted to calculate discount only if subtotal will be more than specific amount (see below) but will not add an additional charge of the shipping for example. 

Discounts of the type assign to categories, products, brands, collections, vendors require an additional assignment in an appropriate tab.

Sometimes it is required to used different logic, a plugin calculation is option required to be checked. If enable this option, need to choose a plugin name which will be used, so need to have plugin installed first. There is a free plugin available in our marketplace, so you may check how this option is working. 

If would like to offer a discount but only for a specific time period, like Cyber Monday discount, here you may define date range. At my case I do not need this type of limitation. More limitation may find below [JUMP TO]

Requires coupon code define if discount apply action require an additional action from your customer. In other words, with this setting you may define if discount should be apply automatically (if requirements met) or should be apply only if requirements met and customer has a coupon code.

Sometimes more than one promotion is running but only one promotion may be used per each order. If do not want to cumulative promotions, leave this option unchecked. 

Above mentioned about limitation, here is another one. N times per user define if any registered user may use this one or more time, while "N times only" does not specify any user. How this may be used for? If promotion is related to a number of sold items - like first 50. 

My case is very simple, and will set discount as below

So my discount may be used only once per customer if will have a code. There is also option checked "Allow for multiple uses of the coupon code", what does it mean? I may generate one code which will be used by more customers. If disable this setting, each customer would need a new code. Need to save before will add more options.

Second tab, coupon code will be shown after saving the discount. That is quite simple, just add new, type code you like, save. 

There is one more thing required to be set - requirements. The third tab. Here I may specify when discount may be applied. What I wanted, was discount if specific amount will be at the cart of my customer. 

When choose proper value, new field will be shown. My example will add discount only if cart value will be 123 USD or grather. 

Do not forget to save. 

How does it look in action? Well, let it see first, if condition is not met. 

Coupon could not be apply. When will condition will be met, result will be as below

If you remember, we have set limitation - coupon code may be applied only once per customer. What will happended if this same customer would like to add this same code again?

This will show an error message. 

How order details is showing the discount for store administator?

There is a subtotal shown, as well as discount subtotal, there is also line with discount name. From the discount details page you may find a list of orders where discount was apply.

Delete discount

If any discount is not used anymore, you may want to remove that discount from the store. For this, need to open discount details page and press Delete button. It may happened that discount has some useage history, then you will see a message like below

Need to clear usage history first, so open the last tab and delete every single record. When history will be cleared, discount may be removed. What will happened with the orders where that discount was applied? 

Even when discount is deleted, order contain information about discount value. There is no discount name displayed, so that is an information for store administration that discount is not available anymore. But values are still displayed.