Bundle product

Bundle product is used to create a package of independent products with new price. 

How to create

First step will be to create a new product, and assign the type as bundled

Now fill the short description, full description and all fields according to your needs. When you finish that, please Save changes and continue editing, without it you won't be able to assign product to this bundle. 

Go to "Bundle Products" tab and choose which products do you want to offer in this bundle pack.

At my case, if any customer would like to made purchase all of those items separatelly will have to paid 278 USD, while purchasing this kit of products will cost him a 259 USD. 

What is very important in case of items with stock quantity, to help you with management this type of product may automatically track stock and reduce it with purchase. Just need to set up one more thing, shown below.

Expected result

Finish this process with filling prices or inventory. After that, you will see on the public store.