Stripe is a simple payment method, which allows you to accept credit card payments in GrandNode without problems. 

The basic configuration of the plugin

The configuration process is very simple. To start the configuration, you need to have an active account on Stripe.

You need to provide a few things: 

Secret and public keys - you can get them from Stripe account. Please be careful and during the test period use the sandbox keys, and when ready change them to live keys. Test keys start with sk_test_. 

Additional fee - if you want you can add an additional fee to this payment method. 

I'm using single one page checkout plugin - it's useful when you have our Single One page checkout plugin from our marketplace. It works differently, so to have Stripe working, you need to mark this box. If you use the standard GrandNode checkout, leave this field unchecked.

Webhook - it's also listed on your Stripe account. It's used to update the payment information later if something happens during the payment process. It's recommended to set it on live stores. Otherwise, your orders may not be marked as Paid orders sometimes.

Note: There is also one more important thing related to the Stripe payment plugin. After successful configuration, please go to Admin panel -> Plugins-> Widgets and activate the Stripe plugin widget. It will add some important and necessary scripts to the checkout page.