Settings import/export



Use manufacturer (brand)

Connect product with brand or manufacturer (ex. Selling console PSP, Sony)

Product attributes

Ex. Shoe with size 7,8,9 and color: yellow and black

Product specification

Ex. Leather shoe

Update stock

Check to specify interval between update time

Import order

Check to specify interval between importing orders from customers

Set status Paid

Import orders with status paid

Crate new customer from eBay

If checked, plugin compare email address from eBay and GrandNode database, if not found creates new customer. If unchecked, all orders are made as a guest.

eBay – this feature is avaible to qualified sellers who participate in the Discount Pricing program

Check it if you are using discount and using Discount Pricing program

Check the size of the image

Check if you want to resize image to size using by eBay