This part of GrandNode is probably the most mysterious and the most tricky of the whole application. In this section, you will find all the necessary information about marketing tools in GrandNode. There will be described things like Customer Actions, Customer Reminders. You will learn how to create an abandoned cart reminder, interactive form. You will find a way to segment customers in your store, and many more. 

Each section is very intuitive, so we will describe only the main process related to marketing management and related functionalities.


Discounts are a fantastic way to encourage your customers to make purchases in your store. GrandNode gives you a very flexible, and customizable discount system. Out-of-the-box you are able to offer several types of discounts:

- specific price reduction or percentage discount
- possibility to calculate discounts with external plugins (Buy 2 Get 1 - example provided for free by our team).

The discount creation process is very simple and differs depending on what type of discount you want to apply.

How to create a discount from a plugin?

This process is also very simple. First of all, you need to get a plugin, which will calculate the discount value. You can use the free one available in our marketplace. just navigate to the main window of the discount creation, then mark the "Calculate by plugin" checkbox, and select the proper plugin from the dropdown selector. 


In GrandNode you are able to create newsletter campaigns. To create them, you need to go to the Admin panel -> Promotions -> Newsletter -> Mailing Campaigns.  

You are able to send mailing campaigns to different groups of customers. To create a limited group of customers, some kind of segmentation, navigate to the Conditions for the campaign tab. 

Fill the fields that you would like to, and save changes. In the "Email address" tab you will see all emails that meet the conditions. 

The whole campaign can be created in the Campaign info tab. You are allowed to use there HTML tags and that's the way in which you should create it. If you don't know how it should be done, please look at the Message templates.

There is also available a simple video tutorial about the mailing campaigns:

Customer actions

Customer actions are used to show popups in the store, to help you during the segmentation process or assigning customers to specified customer roles. 



Customer reminders

Customer reminders are used to handle dynamic, marketing communication with customers. For example, it can be used to create abandoned cart reminders.

List of reminders:
Abandoned cart – You can set custom reminders to customers who left their carts without confirming an order. Activity date is counting "from this date".
Registered customer – You can set custom reminders to customers who just register in your store. Activity date is counting from this date.
Last purchase – You can set custom reminders to customers who made the last purchase to a specified date. Activity date is counting "to this date"
Last activity – You can set custom reminders to customers who made the last activity to a specified date. Activity date is counting "to this date".
Birthday – You can set custom reminders related to customers' birthdays (field Activity date is not used).
Completed order – You can set custom reminders related to the completed order (Activity date is counting from this order date).
Unpaid order – You can set custom reminders related to unpaid orders (Activity date is counting from this order date).
You can also see our video tutorial about Abandoned Cart reminders and Birthday notifications. Even if the admin panel theme is different, the whole process is similar, so you would be able to configure it in your store without problems.

Push notifications

GrandNode uses Google Firebase to handle Push Notifications. With it, you are able to send information about new discounts, products, and include it in your marketing strategy. First of all, you should visit - https://console.firebase.google.com/u/0/ and create a project and Cloud messaging web application.

The second step is to configure Push notifications in Admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Push notifications settings.

After successful configuration you are able to send your first notification by the form available under Admin panel -> Promotions -> Push notifications -> Send.

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