Landing pages

Landing pages are the pages vissible at the different places of the GrandNode platform, and may be not individual page, but also a part of the page. The fist contact with the langing page you may see at the home page of your store. 


A list of pages give you full access to all needed actions, like create, delete, update. 

The most easy part of the system would be to modify an existing page and see the result. Lets start with the home page, shown above. So need to open page (HomePageText system name) and apply changes.

After save result will be vissible. 

Create new

Imagine, need to add something new to your store, a page with some temporary content. Just click  button and add title with some content. Need to add system name, visible and date range. What I want as well, adding this topic to the main menu, so proper checkbox will check. 

A new point at the menu will be shown


Some content may require an additional protection. Assume, you would like to add an additional information for some of your customers, a wholesalers only. That is for a "Limited to customer groups" was design. If any customer will try to open page without that customer role, will be redirected tot the home page. 

Second option for limitation is password protected page. Let`s suppose some of your products require an additional manual. Of course, you may add a link to the page using message templates, but this way each customer who have not bought that product may accessible this page, even accidentally. Password protected give you an option that content of specific page will be shown only when customer type a valid password. 

When anyone will open page, will see