Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers is a special type of the product, which has very own managing panel. 
Vouchers may be a virtual (digital) or phisical. How to add such a product to your store? Just follow instruction below.


At the products section click add button. Set up a name of the product, then process to the price section and define the price of the card. Finally, at the Additional info panel define voucher.

At this place you may add different amout to be used when gift voucher is applied. 

Manage voucher

Purchasing the virtual voucher by customer adding a new record at the vouchers list (Admin dashboard >> Marketing >> Gift vourchers). From the list of the details of the voucher you get information like initial value, Remaining value (if any order applied this voucher), Coupon code and is active or not (active is automatically set if order purchase status is paid). 

From the list of the vouchers you may add a new voucher and send the code of the voucher to your customer. 

My example generate a new virtual voucher with the value of 99 USD. Coupon code you may add any you like, or click generate code button. That code may be used now to purchase a new item.

Living example

Just added the code generated in previous chapter to my new order. As may able to see, voucher has been applied with sucess. 

The above screen shows that coupon is avtive and initial value was set to the 99USD, current value able to be used with the next purchase is 40USD. If open details, a tab with usage history will be shown with the order numer reference link.