This guide was written to help you download, install and understand GrandNode 2.0.
Every step of the download, installation and personalization process is described, with some tips to help you get the most of GrandNode 2.0.
Below you will find the most important articles for every store owner and developer. If you need to go into detail, check the sidebar menu.

1. How to install GrandNode

The whole process is fully described on our dedicated blog post. Just press the heading link and jump to it.

2. How to upgrade GrandNode

Step 1. First of all, for safety reasons, make a backup of your store and database. This will allow you to restore previous data, regardless of how the update finish.
Step 2. Download the newest package of GrandNode - You can do it directly from our GitHub or from our Downloads page.
Step 3. Replace files of the store.
Step 4. Restart the application.
Step 5. Ensure that you copy back the wwwroot folder and Settings.cfg, InstalledPlugins.cfg and appsettings.json files from App_Data directory.
Step 6. And that's all! Check the notification bell in the top-right corner of your admin panel, which indicates if your store is up-to-date.

3. Learn how to use GrandNode

Navigate through the sidebar menu and learn how to use GrandNode and all its features!