Merchandise returns

The Merchandise returns section shows you how to process merchandise return requests.

List of content:

- Merchandise returns list page
- Merchandise returns
- Merchandise returns details page
- Merchandise returns history

A merchandise return list is a simple page, where you can find all merchandise return requests that exist in your store, regardless of their status. You can filter them via filters.

Merchandise returns list page

The main page shows all return requests created in your store, regardless of their status.

Merchandise returns filters

In GrandNode 2.0 you are able to filter merchandise returns. You can do it by pressing the Filters button. 

Merchandise return details page

Click on any record from the merchandise return list to get the full details of it. The merchandise return details page contains all information needed to process the merchandise return. The merchandise return details page contains a few tabs:

- General info - contains all information related to the merchandise return - like status, staff comments, customer notes, etc.
- Merchandise return notes - Additional merchandise return notes to keep communication with the customer
- Documents - In that section, you can attach additional documents, if your merchandise return management workflow requires it.
- Generic Attributes - Additional attributes, return requests functionalities may be extended by developers with generic attributes.

How to process a merchandise return?

1. On the selected merchandise return page, change the merchandise return status. You can decide if you want to notify the customer about it or not.

2. Press Save and that's all. The whole process depends on your internal workflow.