Cosmetics Theme

First steps with Cosmetics Theme

1. Upload theme.

2. Install all plugins that come with the theme.

3. Have fun! 

(Please note that Cosmetics Theme supports only GrandNode 1.0, it won't be supported anymore)

Main slider - important note

1. Cosmetics Theme uses Swiper Slider, please remove the default Widgets.Slider and install the Swiper Slider that comes with the Cosmetics Theme.

2. After that, upload slide, if Swiper Slider is enabled, they will appear in the proper field on homepage.

How to create GrandNode Menu with category images

1. Create main category and subcategories.

2. In your main category, in the Flag style field please add short text - gallery

3. Then in your subcategories, add the category pictures.

4. As a result, you will see the menu with categories picture as on our demo page in the top menu.

How to add icons to menu

1. In the previous step, please use the Icon field and add there class of your icon.

2. In our case it's i.e - linearicons-desktop. But you can add there Font Awesome or any available icon set.

How to enable bestsellers on home page

1. Out of the box, bestsellers are hidden. To enable them, just go to Admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Catalog settings

2. Mark the following checkbox on true - Show best sellers on home page.

3. Refresh the home page and if your customers purchased any product, it will be visible as bestseller.

How to add personalized products on home page

1. Personalized products come from Customers settings. 

2. To add personalized go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Edit particular customer -> Go to Personalized products tab

3. Add desired products and save changes.

4. Now go to Configuration -> Settings -> Catalog settings.

5. Mark the following checkbox on true - 'Personalized products' enabled. 

How to add suggested and recommended products on home page

1. Suggested products are connected with Customer Tags. Recommended products are connected with Customer Roles.

2. As mentioned above you have to enable them in Catalog Settings. This process was described in the previous steps.

3. To manage recommended products go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Customer roles -> Edit desired customer role -> Go to Recommended product tab and add necessary products.

4. Do the same with suggested products, but go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Customer tags -> Create desired customer tag (you have to assign it to customer also) -> Go to Suggested products tab and add necessary products.

5. Urgent note! Please be sure that your customers is assigned to configured role and tag. 

Missing images on blog posts

1. It's caused by fact that images were uploaded to our demo database. Just add your blog post pictures and that's all.

2. Note: Blog on homepage by default is disabled. Please enable it in the Admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Blog settings.

How to show manufacturers logos on homepage

1. This step is very simple. Just mark the checkbox Show on homepage on manufacturers and add manufacturer picture.

2. GrandNode will automatically show it in the bottom of the Scroll theme.

How to translate theme content

1. Each theme comes with customized content, you can translate it as whole GrandNode.

2. Just go to Configuration -> Language -> Edit desired language. Go to Resource strings tab and now you have to ways. First - search for current translation, just paste the content from the store. Second - add new translation. If you want to add it, just clik the Add new button, provide resource string visible in your store and then in the Value field provide the translation for it.

3. That's all.

How to edit themes element like contact in the top

1. Go to Admin panel -> Content Management -> Topics and look for BestsellerText, companyAddress, optionalText

2. Edit choosen topic and save changes.

3. That's all.