After installation, your store have to be configured. When you enter Configuration -> Stores you will see following window with list of your stores.

list of stores

Click Edit on line with your primary store and look at appeared windows

multistore edit

Store name - Name of your store

Store URL - Default URL of your store

SSL enable - Check if you want to use SSL

NOTE: Do not enable this setting until you have installed SSL certificate on your server.

HOST values - Comma separated list of possible HTTP_HOST values. This property is required only when you run a multi-store solution to determine the current store.

Default language - This option allows a store owner to specify default language for a store. If not specified, then the default language display order will be used. 

Display order - Display order of store.

Company name - Name of your company. 

Company address - Address of your company.

Company phone number - Phone number of your company.

Company VAT - Enter your company VAT.


This setting is usefull also when you want to setup several stores. GrandNode gives you possibility to run many store from one GrandNode installation. For example you have store with flowers, toys and books, you can manage them from one GrandNode installation.

Description describe the setup of two stores, for example:

  1. Upload GrandNode files to your FTP server. Install them on 
  2. From the hosting control panel of your check if all requests to are forwarded (not redirect) to You can do it with CNAME records.
  3. In hosting panel of configure domain alias for 
  4. Then enter Configuration -> Stores and configure default store. 
  5. Next step is to create second store which will use your domain (In HOST values enter, for example).
  6. FInally you have 2 working stores on 1 GrandNode installation. Now you can configure them.
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