If you want to add new language, just click "Add new" in the top-right corner of table. 

add new language

Name - Name of your language

Language culture - The language specific culture code

Unique SEO code - The unique two letter SEO code. It's used to generate URLs like - http://www.yourstore.com/en/.

Flag image file name - Flag image file name of your language

Right-to-left - Is your language supports RTL?

Default currency - Default currency to your language 

Published - Publish language or not

Display order - Display order of your store

You can also export/import resource strings from/to XML files. 

Adding resource strings to language packs.

If you want to change the specified parts of store, look for them at "String resources" tab. Just search for the specified word like "Wishlist" and you will see all resource strings which contain word "wishlist", just change it as you want.

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