All the major settings of your store. 

Store information

All the very basic information about your store, like store time zone, theme of the store, even a logo or cookies. 

If you just preparing your store and would like to keep it from customers eyes away, or need to call a maintenance, use "Store closed" setting.

SEO settings

Tab responsible for visualisation your store in search engines. 

Security settings

Secure your store by adding some additional settings. 
At first, if you have just a few IP locations, add rule so no-one will be accessible to the administrator dashboard.

Captcha is very popular anti-bot protection, helpful for brutal force attacks as well. 

Before first run, test captcha on something like contact us page. If something will be wrong, a typo of the keys for example and you will restrict access to your store, you will not be able to login.

When setting up, choose version of the recaptcha

PDF settings

Add logo, header and/or footer to default PDF template. If you using GrandNode on Linux, need to make some additional steps. [MORE]

Google Analytics

If require to add, at this place you may configure. For your comfort an instruction is available just above the fields. 

Top menu items

Simply enable or disable some links at the top menu of your store.