How to generate sitemap.xml file

To generate a sitemap.xml file, you will need to enable sitemap in the General Settings and then enable and run the scheduled task which will generate the file in the store. 

Sitemap settings are available in the Admin panel -> Settings -> General Settings. If you want to use the sitemap.xml file, you should set the Sitemap enabled set to True. By default, it's turned off. 

After that, it's time to jump into the Scheduled Tasks section and enable the Generate sitemap XML file task. If you don't want to generate it frequently, you can run it manually every time that you would like to create a new sitemap.

Now you are able to access your sitemap by entering your store URL with /sitemap.xml in the address. 

Please note that if you are using multi-store and multi-language configuration, you would need to specify store shortcuts and language SEO codes in the addresses, like :{storeShortcut}-{langSeoCode}.xml