This page describes how to manage collections in your GrandNode store. You can add unlimited collections. From this page you can backup or quick mange list by export/import feature. 

How to add collection

Click Add new button in the top of screen and fill following fields:

Name - Name of your brand
Description - Full description of your brand
Picture - you can add here image of your brand
Price ranges - You can enable price filtering to your customers. Enter here price ranges, for example 0-100;101-500;501-; (where 501 - ; means more than 501)
Show on home page - Check when you want to show this brand on home page of your store
Include in top menu - Check when you want to include this brand in top menu of your GrandNode store
Allow customers to select page size - Check if your customers are allowed to select page size of brand page
Page Size options - Enter how many products should be visible on brand page
Published - Check if you want to publish this brand
Display order - Display order of your brand


Meta keywords, description, title - You can enter here specified keywords, description and title for only that brand page, site keywords, description and title will be replaced.
Search engine friendly page name - enter URL which will be used by search engines. If you leave it empty it will be named as another brand. If you enter my-brand-page your URL to that product will be


Choose products which will be assigned to your new collection. You can choose unlimited products.

IMPORTANT: Please note that display order visible in this part is used only as a helper in sorting products on list. If you want to change the display order of products on collection page, please go to "Products" -> Additional info.


A place when you can assign specified discounts to your new collection.

Access Control List, Stores

Access Control List (ACL) - You can specify here which customer role will see this collection. 
Stores - You can specify here to which store this collection will be limited. 

Activity Log

To track activity log you need to activate this type of activity in administrator dashboard >> Settings >> Activity Log Types and check actions connected with managing collections.
Usefull tool to track bechaviour of each customer/staff.