Customer actions

Customer actions section allows to define an automatic response of GrandNode system on specific bahaviour of customers. Look below how easy and powerfull tool it is. 

To use Customer actions you need to enable specified actions [MORE] in a store administrator dashboard >> Marketing >> Customer action type


Click add new button to see a form, most of the fields are obvious. The most important field is define action type, as this can not be changed later. 
It is good time to create a scenario, what should this action do and when. My fist scenario will show a banner to customer who will add a specific product to the cart. 
GrandNode define 5 types of the actions:

Add to cart – Action type when customer add specified products to cart. Add order – Action type when customer add order with specified conditions. Viewed – Action type when customer view specified products, categories, brands, collections. URL – Action type when customer come to site from referral url. Customer Registration - Action type, when a new customer registers to our store.


When save, may see issue

That is because of the banner reaction type (is it first from the list), and at my case I have not added any banner yet. Just may add any other reaction type, and save. Will back to this later. 

This is a time to create a banner, section about it you may find here, banner created at that section will use now at this case. So open again our customer action called "Cart", open "Reaction" tab and change type to banner. From the list, choose the available banner. 

Do not forget to click save. But how this action will be indicated, adding which item will call this action? Just need to edit action a bit more, this time by opening "Conditions" tab and adding a new condition. Condition field will save with "one of them", as would like to display banner when customer will add any of the items, not all. 

After saving, open "Products" tab and add items adding which to the cart will call this action. My sample case will be indicated each time a Garmin smartwatch will be added. Of course, need to set up free devliery for those products as well. 

The very last thing before see it in action, need to enable it. [MORE]
Now, open public store, look for any of the items by Garmin and add it to the cart. 

Now, open your cart, and...

Automatic segmentation customer tool

How important is segmentation know everyone who ever try to prepare a mail campain, how important is proper targeting of your customers at the store. GrandNode is very helpful at this matter, see below how easy achive segmentation and use this in your next campain.

What I want to achive, would be an automatic assign customer tag which will help me during creation a mailing campains. [MORE]
Just need to create a new action, again it will be indicated when customer will add specific product to the cart. This will require to divide your products by the tag. For better understanding, an example. Imagine, customer who purchase sport equipment the most probably would be intersted with sport, so may add  tag "sportfan". If you sell more items from the sport quipment, may do even more, if customer purchaing only sport items but used to play football, may add as a second or single tag "football". 
See on the screen what is all about. 

Before save, just need to change reaction. Need to have a customer tag first. 

Save and add products. 

Remember about enabling action type. [MORE] Finally, working example. Need to open a public store as a customer without used above tag. 

Now, need to add to cart any item from the lego category. 

By adding item to the cart, action assing tag to the customer

Also at the action history tab may see 

Segmentation is ready.