SMS Authentication by Twilio

Integration with Twilio is a very simple plugin. It extends the functionality of GrandNode and allows you to integrate your store with Twilio. Extend the Two Factor Authentication methods with SMS authentication.

To configure the Twilio integration, you need to have an active account on Twilio - https://twilio.com 

Below is the configuration form, all necessary credentials are available to get from Twilio Console:


Finally just enable Two Factor Authentication from Admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Customer settings and choose SMS as an authentication method.


If you use GrandNode 4.80.0 you will need to make a small change


Copy (Replace) the EnableTwoFactoryAtuhentication.cshtml file in Views/Customer. Otherwise, you won't be able to see errors displayed on the SMS Authentication page, errors like information about the incorrect numbers, empty numbers, errors related to Twilio services, and so on. This file can be found inside the purchased package.
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