Contact attributes

This section is simillar to product attributes section. 


Here you may find all the attributes used with the contact form at your store. By default, there is no attribute available. As in another attribues in GrandNode, also contact attributes have some types, mentioned here

Create & living example

I would like to know if message sent to the store is by customer or rather company. From the list, just need to click add new button from the top. 

When saved, may add values to that attribute. 

Nice, but that is not all. If that is business customer, I would like to know a bit more about company. For this kind of scenario, there is a condtion tab available, which will give me possibility to hide additional fields when customer is individual one. To achive this, need to create a new attribute - company name which will be a type of textbox. What is important, if that is a company, I will require to add a name. 

As you may see, the required setting is enabled. Now need to proceed to the condition tab and point to show only if specific option is selected. 

How does it presented at the public store? When you open contact us you will see no option selected.

When individual customer is selected, nothing special is shown

Changing the option will result with showing a new, required field.