Orders management

The Sales section shows you all orders placed in your store by customers.

That section is divided into a few elements:

- Orders,
- Shipments,
- Return Requests,
- Gift cards,
- Current shopping carts and wishlists,
- Recurring payments,
- Order tags

Each section is very intuitive, so we will describe only the main process related to order management. 

Order list page

The main page shows all orders created in your store, regardless of their status.

Order filters

In GrandNode you are able to filter orders. All available filtering options are hidden, to open them press the "Filter" button. 

Order details page

Click on any record from the orders list to get the full details of it. The order details page contains all information needed to fulfill the order. The order details page contains a few tabs:

- Info - contains all information related to the order - like payment status, order status, order total, etc.
- Billing & Shipping - information about addresses
- Shipments - Tab contains all information about the shipment.
- Products - Products included in this order, the possibility to add a new product to the order, or change the prices of the product.
- Order notes - Additional order notes to keep communication with the customer
- Documents - In that section, you can attach additional documents, if your order management workflow requires it.
- Generic Attributes - Additional attributes, order functionalities may be extended by developers with generic attributes.


Orders are managed and processed in relation to their payment status. Each order status usually is closely linked to the stage of payment. From predefined payment stages, we can distinct:

- Unpaid - it's visible when customers use the traditional credit card or bank payment that is awaiting authorization from the bank. Or it's just unpaid status when the customer abandons the payment.

- Paid - Indicates that the order has been paid.

- Fully refund - All funds were returned to the customer.

- Partially refunded - When a partial refund was given to a customer, for example when one of few products is no longer available or has been returned.

Order history

Every action that you've made on order is saved into Order notes. You are able also to manually add notes to the order, and decide if the customer should see it or not. You can also use the order notes as a place where the store owner can share information with coworkers about the order.

How to process a refund?

1. On the selected order page, go to the bottom of the Info tab. Under the Payment status press the "Refund (offline)" button.

2. Press Confirm on the alert.

3. If you want to make a partial refund, please press the "Partial refund (offline)" button and enter the amount to refund manually.

How to fulfill an order?

To fulfill an order click on the Shipments tab, press the "Add shipment" button. 

Use the form to provide the tracking number and additional admin comment. 

After shipment creation, you will see the Shipment details page. It contains all information about your shipment. You are able to set it as shipped, delivered, Add additional shipment notes, documents, or use generic attributes to extend the shipment functionalities.

How to cancel an order?

To cancel an order, open the Order details page, and press the "Cancel" button at the top of the page. Ordered items will be restocked in your store.

After that, the order status will be changed to Cancelled, and on the details page, you will see a big red background image "Cancelled".

How to generate an invoice?

To generate an invoice, open the order details page and press the "Invoice (PDF)" button at the top of the screen. It will be automatically downloaded to your device. 

Now you are able to send it to your customer. You can also use the Order notes to send it. 

The customer is able to download it also from the Order details page right after order creation.

How to customize an invoice?

To customize invoices and packing slips generated in your store, you can use the PDF Invoice and packing slip generator.

With GrandNode PDF Invoice and Packing Slip generator, you are able to:
- Edit GrandNode Invoice and Packing Slip templates on WYSIWYG Editor,
- Supports all kinds of paper sizes:
- Set different invoice and packing slip for stores
- Add your own HTML code to invoices and packing slips
- Add multi-language invoices with RTL supported

Please check the plugin on our official marketplace here.

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