Themes are graphical skins for your e-commerce store. You can use them to customize GrandNode. This section describes how to install themes manually and configure our paid themes.

GrandNode has a variety of themes, which can improve your store, on its marketplace.  The themes can be installed by downloading from the marketplace.

To install a theme: 

  1. Upload the plugin by pressing the Upload button on the General Settings page.
  2. Just select a new theme from the list and save changes.
NOTE: Due to the fact that we provide all possible versions of the theme, please make sure you want to upload the correct ZIP file (with the correct structure). The correct file structure is -> Theme -> Content of the theme. Otherwise, each attempt to use the Upload Theme form will fail.

Note: If you want to run GrandNode locally with premium theme uploaded you need to set two properties in Grand.Web.csproj (otherwise, you won't be able to rebuild project):