Plugins are a set of components adding specific functionalities and features to a GrandNode. Examples of plugins include Payment modules, Shipping Rate Computation Methods, and more. This section describes how to install plugins manually.

GrandNode has a variety of plugins, expanding your store functions, on its marketplace.  The plugins can be installed by downloading from the marketplace.

To install a plugin:

GrandNode gives you two ways of installation.

1. Upload the plugin to the /plugins folder in your GrandNode main directory. And restart your application (or click the Reload list of plugins button).
2. Upload the plugin or theme using the Upload plugin or theme button

NOTE: Due to the fact that we provide all possible versions of the plugin, please make sure you want to upload the correct ZIP file (with the correct structure). The correct file structure is -> Plugin -> Content of the plugin. Otherwise, each attempt to use the Upload Plugin form will fail.

1. Go to Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Local Plugins and press the "Upload" button. 
2. Upload plugin, please remember about the correct structure.
3. Scroll down to the newly updated plugin and press Install next to it.
4. In some cases you would need to enable Widget. Just go to Admin panel -> Plugins -> Widgets and edit specified plugin, mark it as Enabled and save changes. 

NOTE: There is a possibility that you will receive a 502 Bad Gateway error. It's related to the .NET application behavior. If you use the Windows IIS server, please restart your application. If you use Linux servers, you should have the configured service file, and it will be restarted automatically. 

To uninstall a plugin:

  1. Go to Plugins → Local Plugins
  2. Click the Configure link beside the plugin to go to the plugin’s configuration page. If the Configure link does not exist beside a plugin, this indicates the plugin does not require any configuration.
  3. Click the Uninstall link beside the plugin to uninstall. The plugin is uninstalled. The link in the Installation column changes to Install enabling you to reinstall the plugin at any time.

 To change plugins’ friendly names and display order:

  1. Go to Plugins → Local Plugins. The Plugins window is displayed.
  2. Click Edit beside the plugin. The Edit Plugin details, as follows:
  3. Enter the Friendly name
  4. In the Display order field, define the required location to display this plugin. 1 represents the top of the list.
  5. From the Limited to customer roles drop-down list choose roles you want to be able to use this plugin
  6. In the Limited to stores field, define the stores in which the plugin will be used.
  7. Click Save at the top of the page.