Customer reminders

You will be able to set many automatic emails which will be sended to your customers after specified action. For example when customers leave their shopping carts without purchase, you can make e-mails which will be send to all abandoned cart. 

List of content:

- Create new
- Living example


When creating a new reminder, some of the fields are displayed. A name and rule are the most imporatant. Here is a description of the fields.

Reminder name - Name of your reminder
Active - Is reminder active or not?
Start/End Date - When reminder should be active.
Activity date for rule - Activity date. Reminder will count from or to this date
Display Order - Display order of reminder
Allow renew - Choose when reminder should run again
Reminder Rule -

  • Abandoned cart - You can set custom reminder to customers who left their carts without confirming order. Activity date is counting "from this date".
  • Registered customer - You can set custom reminder to customers who just register in your store. Activity date is counting from this date.
  • Last purchase - You can set custom reminder to customers who made last purchase to specified date. Activity date is counting "to this date".
  • Last activity - You can set custom reminder to customers who made last activity to specified date. Activity date is counting "to this date".
  • Birthday - You can set custom reminder related to customers birthday (field Activity date is not used).

Condition -

  • One of them
  • All of them

I will add sample reminder for customer registration rule. 

When you define your newly created reminder and click  new tabs will be available.  My sample code was about registered customer rule, each of rule has own conditions. My case will result of the following conditions

Currently, do not want to add any conditios, so will skip to the next tab - levels.
That tab define how many messages should be sent to your customers. Each level may be sent with a differnet time interval. Here is a quick description of the fields.

Level - You can specify which level it will be, 1 - 1st send mail, 2 - 2nd, etc
Level name - Name of level
Send after days - Send this email after N days after previous level
Send after hours - Send this email after N hours after previous level
Email Accounts - Which email account will send this email
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy
Subject - Subject of mail
Allowed Tokens - Token which you can use in mail
Body - Body of mail

My sample reminder level is prepared. Will use a discount code. [MORE]

Living example

Will use this same reminder as created above. I need a new register customer at my store. 

After registration, is specific period of time, customer will get a new message. Before that, you need to enable scheduler task.

You may also click run now for test purposes, but need to check if time period expired as was set at the reminder level. If so, at the message queue will be able to see

And if open the details of the message