Ajax Filters

A GrandNode plugin to filter the products dynamically with desired criteria and without the whole page reloading. GrandNode Ajax Filters also enabled to filter with OR and AND conditions. Our ajax filters module will improve the store frontend with new great features. Impress your visitors and increase your site usability! Buyers know what they need. The most often scenario is that users almost always know what they look for. If you have 100 products in a particular category, it's very hard for users to find the desired product. If you want to buy a bicycle, you look for a bicycle, at this stage, you know that it must be a road bike, then you want to filter the size of it. How can you find it, if you see only the name and price of the product on the product list? Very simple. Store owner configures GrandNode Ajax Filters and allows you to filter by category, size, components, and year of production.

  • Super easy installation and configuration,
  • Speeds up the search process,
  • Compatible with all major web browsers,
  • Two layouts of filters - list and dropdown

Available filtering options:

  • Filtering by vendor
  • Filtering by manufacturer
  • Price ranges
  • Filtering by product attributes
  • Filtering by specification attributes
The widget should be enabled to be ready to use after installation. Just go to Admin panel -> Plugins -> Widgets and enable Ajax filters plugin. 
From the configuration panel, you may define which components should be visible, and define if preferred to display as checkboxes (default) or dropdown lists.