Fedex Packing Slip

This plugin can be successfully integrated into any kind of GrandNode store. You are able to choose many different service types, starting from FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, ending on Same day delivery. The last service type is one of the most wanted delivery types nowadays. 

FedEx Packing Slip Generator

In the simplest words - The print labels for the FedEx plugin are used to one-click labels generation and printing for your preferred shipping service, directly from your store.

Account & Pricing

This plugin integrates directly with the FedEx account, Please create a FedEx account and get credentials to use this extension. With this plugin, postage charges for the labels will be the same as your FedEx Account Rates.

FedEx is supported by the most popular countries in the world. You are able to create packages for the USA, Canada, Poland, France, or Germany.

The first step after the installation of the plugin is configuration.

The next step and last, you should enable a widget.