Document list

A list of documents, for better management a filtration is available. Below my sample list with single document added.

Document info

If need to any any document, just click at the top of the list. Here is my sample doc. 

As a number I have used Order Code field from the order that my invoice is added for. 
Name contain my code (IFO is InvoiceForOrder) for this type of the documents, you may use very own.  Make sure you will keep consequency of the naming, it will be helpfull when multiple documents will be added to the system. Proper naming will help with finding. 
Document type poining Invoice, as that is a sample invoice. 
Status is helpfull for multiple steps documentation. That is only for information purpose. 
Reference is used when you would like to associate document with another part of the system. In my case will adding reference to the order. In general there are multiple choices available here, including shipping, returns, brands, collections, vendors, even settings. 
Object refference is a key to made connection. At my case need to find order ID. To find it, need to open order list and click the details of the order. From the browser address bar need to copy the last part

Accounting information

This is tab projected for accouning, containing some details about the price and the user. At my case I have added referece to specific order, here some details, like customer email, price.

You can use this to connect GrandNode with the ERP system and improve your workflow automation.

User Fields

Additional attributes, document functionalities may be extended by developers with generic attributes


As mentioned ealier, a linking is possible to be done. My sample document linking order and customer. If will open my order details page, and check the documnets tab, will see

If will allow customers to view documents at public store (Administration dashbaord >> Settings >> Customer), then customer may see and be able to download documten.