Game Theme

Brand new with modern, sidebar navigation menu, Game Theme designed to give you possibility to sell digital products like games, videos, music, photos. 

How to configure mega menu

As you can see on our demo, we've created a mega menu. It's a plain GrandNode feature, it's not a plugin. We've used our generic attributes feature. 

Go to the main category and in generic attributes tab create a new line named "menuGallery" and set value "true".

Next add new line "menuColumns" with value "1", "2", "3", "4", "5" wich is number of columns in desktop.

Show sub-categories with image

Go to the sub-category of the mega menu and type generic attribute "menuImage" with value "true".

Featured Categories

As you can see on our demo, homepage categories are customized with a little description and labels. How can we achieve it? Basically, easily! Just set the following generic attributes:

Create a generic attribute called "alternativDesc" and provide your description.
Now the description of this category will be displayed on the homepage categories slider.

How to create label on that boxes

Create a generic attribute named " and set value to for example "<span class="badge badge-danger">PROMO</span>".

And that's all. It's very easy, 

Product Video Template

Out of the box, Game Theme comes with Video Product template. It gives you possibility to show main picture as a video. By default you can use videos from YouTube. Please configure it in following way:

1. On product creation page, change its template to Video product
2. On Generic Attributes tab create an attribute called "youtubeId" and as a value provide the ID of the movie. (ID which is visible in the URL)
3. On the same tab, create an attribute called youtubePreview and select a picture, which will be used as a thumbnail for the video. Please note that 0 is the beginning of the list.

Recommended picture sizes

Product pictures: 768px x 1024px

Category pictures: 1366px x 768px

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