GrandNode allows you to create unlimited vendors accounts. First part of article describes Vendors Settings, second desribes each aspect of multi-vendor support.

To manage vendors you should go to Customers -> Vendors.

vendor list

If you want to add new vendor, just click button in the top-right corner "Add new". You will see following window:

Adding vendor screenshot from admin panel

Here you need to fill following fields:

Name - Vendor name

Description - Vendor description

Email - Vendor email

Picture - Vendor Picture

Store - You can assign vendor to the specified store (Only if you are using multi-store feature)

Admin Comment - You can enter here your note, it's vissible only for administrators

Allow customers to select page size - Customers can choose how many vendors they want see on vendors navigation block

Page Size options - Enter possible page size options (comma separated)

Active - Is vendor active or not?

Display order - Display order on vendor navigation block

Allow customer reviews - Check if you want to allow customer reviews about vendor

Company - Enter the name of the company

Country - Select country

State / Province - Select state/province

City - Select city

Address 1 - Enter address

Address 2 - Enter address line 2

Zip / postal code - Enter the postal code

Phone number - Enter phone number

Fax number - Enter fax number 



  1. Meta keywords, description, title - You can enter here specified keywords, description and title for only that vendor page, site keywords, description and title will be replaced.
  2. Search engine friendly page name - enter URL which will be used by search engines. If you leave it empty it will be named as another products. If you enter my-vendor-page your URL to that product will be
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