Interactive Forms

Interactive forms are the newest feature of GrandNode, available to use from version 3.90. You can create specified forms which will be displayed on public store as interactive pop up after specified action made by customer. First of all you need to specify after which action form should appear. You can select it from 5 different actions: Add to cart, Add order, Viewed, Url, Customer Registration. Way of creating or editing existing customer actions was described in Customer Actions section.

add new interactive form

First of all enter Name and Body of your form. After that click Save and continue Edit button to procced to adding attribute. 

adding new attribute

In the attribute tab you are able to specify attributes of interactive forms. 

Name - Name of attribute

System name - System name of attribute

CSS Style - You can enter CSS style attributes for an element

CSS Class - You can enter CSS class defined in your style.css to give this element and CSS styles.

Is required - Check this box If this element is required to send form.

Choose form control - From the dropdown list you can select form of attribute, you can select it from: dropdown list, radio list, checkboxes, textbox and multiline textbox. 


To add values of above created dropdown list, go to Values tab and click Add new button.

add new value

When you add Interactive forms as reaction, after specified action your customer will see following interactive form:

form popup

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