In this part of store you are able to manage affiliates. You can add new, edit existing. To add new click on the "Add new" button. 

add affiliate

Active - Check if this affiliante will be active

First name - Affiliante First Name

Last name - Affiliante Last Name

Email - Affiliante Email

Company - Affiliante Company

Country - Affiliante country

State/Province - State or province

City - Affiliante city

Address 1, 2 - Affiliante address

Zip/Postal code - Affiliante zip/postal code

Phone number - Affiliante phone number

Fax number - Affiliante fax number

Admin comment - Admin note, it will be visible only for administrators.

affiliate after save


After saving changes will appear two, new tabs. 

Affiliated customers - Here you will have list of all affiliated customers.

Affiliated orders - Here you will have list of all affiliated orders.

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