Vendor settings

Go to Configuration -> General Settings -> Vendor Settings, you will see following window:

Vendor settings screenshot

Number of vendors to display - Defines how many vendors display in vendor navigation block.

Show vendor on product details page - Defines if GrandNode should display vendor on product page (if any is associated).

Allow customers to contact vendors - Give your customer possibility to contact vendors in your store.

Allow customers to apply for a vendor account - Check if you want to allow apply for a vendor requests.

Allow search by vendor in store advanced search - Check if you want to allow your customers to search by vendor in advanced search.

Allow vendors to edit info - Check if you want to allow your vendors to edit information about them.

Notify about vendor information changes - Check if you want to send notifications when vendor changes information. 

Terms of service - Check if you want to force the Terms of service accept during registration.

Vendor reviews must be approved - Check if vendor reviews must be approved.

Allow anonymous users to write vendor reviews - Check if you want to give your guest users possibility to write reviews about vendors.

Notify about new vendor reviews - Check if you want to notify about new vendor reviews.

Vendor review possible only after purchasing product from vendor - Check if you want to give possibility to leave vendor reviews only after purchasing product. 


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