Simple search

  1.  Enter interesting keyword
  2. Click search button on header

GrandNode Simple Search

Advanced Search

  1. In search window check box called "Advanced search"
    GrandNode Advanced Search

  2. From the Category list you can choose from which category GrandNode should search product for you.
  3. If you have subcategories, you should select checkbox "Automatically search subcategories".
  4. From the Manufacturer list you can choose from which manufacturer GrandNode should search product for you.
  5. In the Price Range field you can enter price ranges for you products.
  6. You can also search in Product Descriptions for specified keywords. Just select checkbox "Search in product descriptions".
  7. Click "Search".

Search in categories in header

In GrandNode during the category creation process you are able to specify if this category should be visible in header search box. Just check the specified checkbox.

Admin setting - show category in search box

Then on the public store you will see following box:

GrandNode search in categories

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