The Salesperson was introduced in GrandNode in the 4.90.0 version. It allows you to assign a Salesperson role to your workers. In practice, this role was designed to handle creating independent accounts for your account managers, sales specialists. Each salesperson can have a group of customers assigned to him. He then only sees their accounts and orders. In addition, the salesperson can receive a commission for each order made by its customer. It is a substitute for the CRM system that can be used in any online store without external CRM systems.

Sales employees list page

1. To create, edit or view all sales employees created in your store, you should go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Sales Employees

2. Press the Add new record button and fill in necessary fields

- In the Name field provide the name of the employee,
- In the Email field provide the email of the employee, sales employee's email address should be the same as his account email address.
- In the Phone field provide the phone number of the employee, it will be visible only to you
- In the Commission field, you are able to specify the % of the commission that an employee will get from each order that his customers make

3. It's time to assign a sales employee role to your employee. Go to Admin panel -> Customers -> Customers. Find the desired account and edit it. 

4. Choose the proper employee account from the drop-down list, navigate to the Customer roles tab and assign a Sales manager role. 

5. Save changes.

From that moment, your employee can log in to the store and jump into the admin panel, but with limited access.

If you want to assign a customer to the particular sales manager, just edit the customer and assign only the Sales employee from the drop-down list.

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