How to upgrade GrandNode?

This article describes the process of updating GrandNode to the latest version.

Step 1. First of all for safety reasons, make a backup of your site, database. This will allow you to restore previous data, regardless of how the update finished.
Step 2. Download the newest package of GrandNode files.
Step 3. Make a copy of the Settings.txt and InstalledPlugins.txt files (If you store images in GrandNode also copy (\Content\Images\)).
Step 4. Replace GrandNode files with new version files and paste the copied Settings.txt & InstalledPlugins.txt files.
Step 5. Restart your application.
Step 6. Run
Step 7. Restart your application.
Step 8. That's all.

NOTE: This upgrade works only in GrandNode 3.80 and higher.
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