How to customize PDF Templates with WKHTMLTOPDF

GrandNode gives you the possibility to generate a few types of PDF files. First of all, you are able to generate a Product Catalog in PDF, secondly Invoices and thirdly packing slips. In older versions of GrandNode, before 4.80.0, you were limited to our PDF Invoice Packing Slip plugin. It gives you almost unlimited possibilities in the case of template customization. However, we were not satisfied with the performance of the iTextSharp library, so we've decided to remove it. As a result, we implemented the wkhtmltopdf library. It brings a fantastic way of template customization by creating and editing the HTML files.

The whole process is really very simple. To create a customized PDF invoice or packing slip template you would need only basic HTML knowledge. 

If you want to customize PDF templates, you would need to do some actions manually.

1. Go to your main catalog of the store. 

2. Check if you have the Views directory. 

3. If yes, open it and look for the PdfTemplates subdirectory. If not, create one. 

4. Inside the PdfTemplates you should place the customized templates. The default one can be found in the source code package of GrandNode, or directly on our GitHub

5. When you finish the customization process. Save the file and check the generated PDF. That's all. 

Please note: PdfTemplates folder has to be placed in the main Views folder. If you place it inside the Themes/YourTheme/Views catalog, it won't be recognized by the application.

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