The Documents section under the Customers menu shows you all additional documents created in your store.

Below we will describe the main process related to document management. 

Document list page

The main page shows all documents created in your store, regardless of their status or type.

Document filters

In GrandNode you are able to filter documents. All available filtering options are visible at the top of the Document list. 

Document details page

Click on any record from the document list to get the full details of it. The document details page contains all information needed to manage it. The document details page contains a few tabs:

- Document info - contains all information related to the document - like document status, reference item, attachments, link to the document, etc.
- Accounting info - information about accounting, outstanding amount to pay, pay date, etc.
- ACL - You can limit documents to a particular customer role.
- Stores - You can limit documents to a particular store if you use multi-store features.
- Generic Attributes - Additional attributes, document functionalities may be extended by developers with generic attributes.

The accounting info tab contains information about the payments. You can specify the outstanding amount to pay, due date, creation date, assigned customer, etc.

You can use this to connect GrandNode with the ERP system and improve your workflow automation.

We have a few types of reference items:

- None 
- Order
- Shipment
- Return request
- Product
- Category
- Manufacturer
- Vendor 


Types of documents

Before you will create any kind of document, you will need to specify the available Types of documents. It can be anything you want, even Manual or Warranty Card.

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