Creating your own theme (using default theme)

Open your GrandNode solution or website (version without source code) in Visual Studio - Go to this location:

  • if you are using source code version: Grand.Web\Themes\
  • If you are using website version: {Project Root}\Themes
  1. Select default theme

    select default theme

  2. Now, right click on it and select COPY


  3. Now select "Theme" folder and right click on it - select PASTE


  4. You will get similar position 

    similar possition

  5. Rename it - whatever you like

    rename it

  6. Now let's change configuration of your new theme. Please open file "theme.conifg" inside your new theme:

    change config file

  7. Change the name: 

    change name

  8. Now, inside your theme directory change preview.jpg and open your store. If you want to use your theme, please go to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> Global Settings and choose your new theme from list shown below: 

    set theme at admin

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