Create Custom Templates

About Templates

Category / Manufacturer Template

  • 1. To create new custom category template we have to:

    In admin panel go to System/Templates/Category templates and click "Add new record"
    • 1.1 Enter name of new template
    • 1.2 Enter path to new template.
  • 2. Now we copy "CategoryTemplate.ProductGridOrLines.cshtml" from origin and paste it in "../Themes/YourTheme/Catalog", now change the file name like we named the path in 1.2 step

  • 3. Now you can edit "CategoryTemplate.ProductGridOrLinesNew.cshtml" file...

    To use new category template in admin panel go to some category and from "Category Template" dropdown and choose new category template

Product Template and Topic Template

To create new custom product template we do similar like in Category / Manufacturer Template

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