The Catalog section contains your entire online inventory. You can view products, categories, manufacturers, you can assign products to seasonal collections.


That section is divided into a few elements:

- Products,
- Categories,
- Manufacturers,
- Bulk edit products,
- Product reviews,
- Product tags,
- Attributes

Each section is very intuitive, so we will describe only the main process related to product management and related functionalities.

Product list page

The main page shows all products created in your store. 

Product filters

In GrandNode you are able to filter products. All available filtering options are hidden, to open them press the Filter button. 

Product details page

Click on any record from the product list to get the full details of it. The product details page contains all information needed to manage contact. The product details page contains a few tabs:

- General - Basic information about the product. 
- Prices - This tab is used to define the price, product cost, etc.
- Additional info - Additional information on the product, here you can define if the product is downloadable (Digital) or not. 
- SEO - Meta-tags and Search Engine Friendly Name for the product
- Pictures - List of pictures assigned to that product.
- Mappings - In that tab, you can assign products to categories or manufacturers.
- Inventory - In the Inventory tab, you are able to handle all stuff related to stock, track inventory method, stock quantities, back in stock subscriptions, and so on.
Specification attributes - Specification attributes are used to describe the product. You can use them also to give customers the possibility to filter the catalog.
Product attributes - This section is used to configure attributes for your product. It's also responsible for creating variants (combinations) like Shoes - size 42 and the color red.
ACL and Stores - In that section you can configure the product appearance. you can limit it to the particular store or customer role (customer group).
- Linked products - Section where you can define cross-sells, similar and related products.
- Activity log - In that section, you can find all actions made with that product - public one made by customers, and also all actions made by admins or vendors.
- Purchased with orders - List of all orders containing that product.
- Product Reviews - Here you will find all reviews added to that product.
- Documents - In that section, you can attach additional documents, like manuals, additional materials, anything you want.
- Generic attributes - Additional documents that can be added to your product. For example, if you want to add more information and you are not able to use the predefined fields, you can handle it with generic attributes.


How to add a product?

There are three ways of adding products. First, it's obvious, you can add products directly from the admin panel, via the form presented below. The second one is an Excel import. The third way is to use the Web API to import them from the ERP system or your auction marketplaces like Allegro or eBay. To add a new product in the admin panel, just press the Add new button and fill the form.

How to delete a product?

There are two ways of deleting products. First, directly from the product's list. Check all products that you would like to remove and press the Delete selected button. If you want to delete a single product, you can do it also from the product details page. Just press the Delete button in the top-right corner of the window.

How to create a category?

Similarly to the product. You are able to add categories manually in the admin panel, in a more sophisticated way via Excel Import, and automatically with the Web API. 

If you want to do it directly in the admin panel, just go to the Admin panel -> Catalog -> Categories -> Add new button.

Useful fields:

Description & Bottom description - both fields were developed to improve your on-site SEO. It gives you the possibility to create Google & User-friendly descriptions at the top of the page, or at the bottom to reduce the chance to distract the customers.

Flag & Flag style - Flag is a text field, where you can add short promotional text, like Promo, New offer, or something similar. Then the Flag style controls its appearance. You can insert the CSS class name there, and your flag will have this class inserted in the public store. Please remember that you can create your custom CSS directly in the admin panel, so you are able to create a custom class for the flag "on-air".

Icon - Icon field can be used to add an image to the category name. For example, if you have a category "Dog food" you are able to add a paw icon to it. By default, it will appear before the name of the category.

How to create a manufacturer?

It's the same process as I presented with the category and product creation. Just go to the Admin panel -> Catalog -> Manufacturers.

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