What is GrandNode?

It's an open source, cross-platform e-commerce software based on ASP.NET Core 3.1 and MongoDB, non-relational database. GrandNode can be runned on any operating system - MacOS, Windows, Linux. The installation process is very simple, you can do it via Docker Hub, just look at the chapter describing "GrandNode installation with Docker" or in standard way - after uploading on server.

GrandNode can be a perfect choice for developers, who want to provide a comprehensive e-commerce software for their customers. It supports a few kinds of products:

  • Simple products
  • Grouped products
  • Product Kits - Allows to create a product bundled packs - for example - Playstation with games, gamepags and cables. Product kit contains a few independent products.
  • Auctions - Allows to create an auctions product. You can specify start price, buy now price. More details in dedicated page.
  • Bookings - Allows to create a reservations. You can generate calendar with available dates and hours of reservation. It can be useful for the hotels, apartments, courses, hairdressers, etc.

Our main goal to achieve, was to create a highly functional and the fastest e-commerce solution dedicated for developers.

Main features of GrandNode:

  • Cross platform - You can develop GrandNode on any operating system. Thanks to ASP.NET Core 3.1 you can run it on Mac, Linux or Windows!
  • Open source - GrandNode is fully open source. In the free, community version you get the necessary plugins to run fully functional online store.
  • Pluginable - It can be extended by plugins, which can be implemented in your store just with a few clicks.
  • Fast - Due to many optimization and performance changes GrandNode is fasther than the majority of e-commerce softwares. 
  • Multi language - GrandNode can be used in many languages. Just use specified language pack. 
  • Scalable - GrandNode can be successfuly implemented in small stores, big portals and highly advanced B2B systems. 
  • Ready to use - GrandNode is ready to use in a seconds after successfull installation.
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