Managing Knowledgebase

Knowledgebase is available in the Admin panel -> Content management -> Knowledgebase. If you want to use it, you need to enable it in General settings. Go to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> General Settings and check the proper checkbox.

Enable setting screenshot

After successful installation you will see an empty screen with two buttons - Create knowledgebase category and create article.

Knowledgebase home

To create a first category press the blue button. You will see a category creation window:

Category creation window

This window contain few tabs:

- Info - contains basic information about category. Its name, description. You can specify if it's main category or subcategory. 

- Articles - Here you can manage all assigned articles to this category

- SEO - standard SEO tab in GrandNode, contains meta title, description and keywords and search engine friendly name

- ACL - Access Control List - each article or category can be limited to customer roles

- Stores - You cal also limit articles and categories to specified stores if you have multistore

- Activity log - List of all activities related with this category

If you created category, you will see it on the knowledgebase page.

 Main category added

 You can edit it or go to public store and check how it looks.

 Main page of knowledgebase screenshot

As you can see, on the homepage of knowledgebase you have:

- List of categories

- Search bar where you can search inside the knowledgebase articles and categories

- Description of knowledgebase, it's editable topic in admin panel.

If you want to add new article, just go to knowledgebase homepage and press the "Create article" button.

Create article page screenshot

You can choose the parent category, specify if it should be a featured article on homepage of knowledgebase or not. After changes, you should see it in the admin panel:

Main article added


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