Managing Blog

blog posts

Managing blogs is very similar to managing news. To add new just click "Add new" button on the top-right corner of window.

post new blog

Language - Language of blog post

Title - Title of blog post

Body - Body of your post

Body overview - Overview of your post

Allow comments - Allows customers leave comments below blog posts

Tags - Enter tags describing your blog post

Start/End Date - Defines when news will be visible in store



  1. Meta keywords, description, title - You can enter here specified keywords, description and title for only that page, site keywords, description and title will be replaced.
  2. Search engine friendly page name - enter URL which will be used by search engines. If you leave it empty it will be named as another pages. If you enter my-page your URL to that product will be

Blog products

You can add products to your blog post. Products will be visible out of the box at the bottom of the page.

Content Management -> Blog -> Blog Comments

blog comments

You will see Comment IDBlog post where comment was placed, customer who placed comment, body of comment and date of create. You can also delete comments from this window.

Blog categories

Create blog categories and assign blog post to it. You can easily categorize your posts. It's very useful tool in content marketing.

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