„GrandNode open source edition is licensed under GrandNode Public License Version 3.0. It’s bases on a GPLv3 License with additional nopCommerce terms (The nopCommerce Public License Version 3.0) and the „ Powered by NopCommerce” text requirement on every single page.

Grand Node (being property of Unisoft sp. z o.o. based in Poland) modifies source code licensed by NopCommerce under “The nopCommerce Public License Version 3.0” and includes original derivative work.

The GrandNode Public License Version 3.0 ("NPL") consists of the GPL3 License with the following additional terms:

All copies of the program in Executable and source code must include:

a) „ Powered by nopCommerce” text,  

b) all derivative works and copies of derivative works of the Covered Code in Executable and Source Code form must include on each user interface screen „ Powered by nopCommerce” text as appropriate, must be visible to all users, must appear in each user interface screen, and must be in the same position

c) When users click on the „” text must direct them to, when users click on the "nopCommerce" text it must direct them to This obligation shall also apply to any copies or derivative works

The original GPLv3 License can be found at:

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