How to install GrandNode?

This article desribes how to download GrandNode, upload, configure and install it on your server. First of all you need to check that your hosting have minimal system requirments. Next step is to download as we recommend the newest version of GrandNode. You can choose version with source code or not, it depends on your preferences.

Running the site using IIS (version without source code)

It is simple. To use IIS, copy all files from GrandNode package to an your IIS virtual directory (or site root), and then open browser and view your site. If you are using IIS 7, configure it to run in integrated mode, and configure the application pool to run the .NET Core 2.2.

Running the site using Visual Studio (version with source code)

Extract your GrandNode source code version to local computer. Then open the GrandNode.sln and run Grand.Web project:

Extracted package of GrandNode

Please note that in the first installation you need to rebuild the project with Plugins. To do that, just press the right mouse button on it and click "Rebuild". After that, run the solution, you can do it with CTRL + F5 button. 

Please note that if you will receive rebuild error, you will have to change the starting project - you should run the Grand.Web project. 

Installation process

To ensure a successful installation of Grand node must have write permissions to these files and directories


  • \App_Data
  • \wwwroot
  • \Plugins
  • \web.config

Before running installation be sure that you have MongoDB running as service or you have MongoDB database hosting. At first opening site you will be redirected to

Screenshot from GrandNode installation


After filling the visible form you will be transferred to the main page of your shop.

How to install GrandNode on Linux?

The newest guide about GrandNode installation on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) is available on our blog here:

How to install GrandNode with Docker for Linux containers?

Here is the guide:

How to install GrandNode and MongoDB inside one Docker?

Here is the guide:


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