To manage customers you need to go to Customers -> Customers.

customer list

From this window you are able to filter existing customers by Customer Role, Tags, Email, First and Last Name and Company. You can add new customer or export them to XML and Excel. 

adding new customer

Email - Customer email

Password - Customer password

Customer tags - Assign specified tag to new customer

Manager of vendor - Assign vendor to customer

Gender - Set gender

First name - Customer first name

Last name - Customer last name

Date of birth - Customer date of birth

Company name - Customer company name

Admin comment - Admin note - visible only for administrators

Is tax exempt - Determines whether the customer is tax exempt

Free shipping to the next order - Assign a free shipping to the next order

Newsletter - Check to subscribe newsletter

Active - Is customer active or not


Individual Product Prices

It allows you to assign individual prices to each products per customer. For example we have product XYZ:

Customer 1 has price 20$
Customer 2 has price 21$
Customer 3 has price 40$

It’s independent setting which can be specified in admin panel – Customer -> Individual prices.


Individual product prices

To set the individual product price, just open the "Individual Product Prices" tab and click the "Add new product" button. You will see popup, choose specified products and click save. 

Individual product prices added

Now, press the "Edit" button and provide the price for that customer. 

Please note: GrandNode always take the lowest available price. So if you provide there price higher than standard price, you won't see it.

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