Configuration of MailChimp

Plugin should be installed fist. 

Configuration consist of few fields, which require to have a MailChimp account. 


First, need to get API Key. You may find it at Account section, 


MailChimp account

at Extras section

Get Api Keys


If never created, that is best time to do so. 

Generated Api Keys

Copy and paste it to GrandNode plugin configuration. Next step - audience id. You may find it at Audience section, at the Manage Audience -> settings


Audience ID will be vissible at the bottom of the settings page

Audience ID

Copy and paste it to plugin configuration. We recommend to check also both settings. Fist one share additional data and enable more customer mail actions. 

Configuration set

When click save, plugin will suggest to restart application. After restarting, time for first manual synchronization. This is obligatory action!

manual sync

Plugin is ready to be used. Keep in mind, task is included to synchronize your customers automatically. 

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