Configuration and first steps of Marketplace

After installing the plugin, you need to enable the widget. Widget is responsible for creating an additional button in the My Account section at the public store. 

An administrator may enable options and set default values for some. 

Configuration of the plugin


When done, each logged customer may use a new option.

customer new option

With a few clicks, each may add a new item. 

New item

There is a possibility to add images and/or specifications. 

adding new picture

If saved, each customer may find an item (if the item is published).

search for an item

If the item will be sold, each owner will be notified by email.

message queue

Important notice!

Plugin assigns a virtual assignment of the vendor account to each who is using My products! What does it mean? If anyone will add an item, from admin view will be assing to vendor

admin customer view

If an admin will use this option as well, when being back to the admin panel, some data may be limited as long as the assignment will be removed. 

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